TriCup Tournament: Spring 2019 Information

The Tri-Cup Tournament will be held at Daly's Irish Pub, 4201 Comly St.  Philadelphia, PA  19135.   All teams (and Team #'s) are from the Spring Session. Winning teams of the TriCup Tournament will be referred to as LTC-Qualified, and will advance to the Cities Tournament in Atlantic City.
 Bracket and BYEs are subject to change up to start time of tournament matches.

 Schedule for May 17-19 2019

  Friday May 17 at 7:30pm - teams that win will play on Saturday at 3pm
Team 11101 (Gunz and Roses) vs. Team 11604 (kNOw pain kNOw gain)
Team 13212 (The Point Players) vs. Team 11205 (Caught Strokin)
Team 12505 (Untouchables) vs. Team 15805 (Deadly Vipers)
Team 11207 (The Shzntz) vs. Team 11404 (Miss Q's)
Team 11304 (Just Having Fun) vs. Team 11406 (9 Ball Assasins)
Team 12503 (Silent Assasins) vs. Team 11606 (Keith's Team)
Team 11305 (Aimee's Fudgebunnies) vs. Team 13201 (Tops)
Team 11204 (Just Pool) vs. BYE

Team 12313 (Strike Force) vs. Team 12607 (Jim E's)
Team 13508 (First Responders) vs. Team 14202 (Crumb Bums)
Team 12608 (No Pun Intended) vs. Team 13609 (Prodigies)
Team 14006 (No Excuses) vs. Team 14310 (22nd St Lounge)
Saturday May 18 at 11 am - teams that win will play Saturday at 3pm
Team 12502 (By Any Means) vs. Team 11306 (Friends in Mo Places)
Team 11103 (Franchize Players) vs. BYE
Team 13208 (Deep Cutz) vs. Team 15802 (Dead Right)
Team 11301 (Sunday Funday) vs. Team 13210 (Shoot Pool not People)
Team 11208 (Eric's Team) vs. Team 12508 (Nine Ball Stompers)
Team 15807 (Bucket Brigade) vs. Team 11602 (Steve's Team)
Team 13211 (Goodtime) vs. Team 15804 (Mindless Hope)
Team 12510 (Scratch This) vs 11405 (2nd Street Bullies)
Team 12312 (Bailey Legal Teens) vs. Team 14009 (Trick Shots)
Team 13803 (Fugitives) vs. Team 14206 (Predators Night Out)
Team 14004 (The Drinking Team) vs. Team 12311(Buffalo Billiards)
Team 12206 (Rack n Roll) vs. Team 13506 (Old Philly)
Team 13408 (Pool Boys) vs. Team 14103 (Just Having Fun 2)
Team 12310 (The Green Womb) vs 15506(5 Points Entourage)
Saturday May 18 at 7pm - teams that win will play Sunday at 3pm
Team 12208 (Player's Club) vs. Team 15206 (Where Are We Going)
Team 13801 (Silent Assassins) vs. Team 14407 (Destination Dogs)
Team 13608 (Juanito's) vs. Team 14010 (Well Coached)
Team 14209 (Fatso's) vs. Team 14308 (Fake News)
Team 14406 (Green Street Hooligans) vs. Team 15208 (Loose Cannons)
Team 15502 (Run Tell Dat) vs. Team 12209 (Metric Tuan's)
Team 12303 (Reapers) vs. Team 15205 (John & Kate Plus 8)
Team 12609 (Quit Breaking Our Balls) vs. Team 14109 (The Forgotten Ones)
Team 13502 (Crazy Lep) vs. Team 15402 (Beauty & the 7 Beasts)
Team 12610 (Deadly Strokers) vs. Team 13605 (Knights of the Table)
Team 13610 (Cayey) vs. Team 15407 (No Weak Links)
Team 13407 (Wacky Gang) vs. Wyde Bodi (13802)
Sunday May 19 at 11am - teams that win will play Sunday at 3pm
Team 14208 (Michael's Player) vs. Team 12204 (Bloodweiser)
Team 14302 (Franchize Players II) vs. Team 14409 (Chalk Dirty To Me)
Team 12307 (SHAPOW!) vs. Team 14306 (The 421 Assassins)
Team 15406 (Vegas) vs. Team 13409 (Dead Men Chaulk'in)
Team 14001 (LaFamiglia) vs. Team 15508 (Brewery Town Shooters)
Team 14106 (The Mo Squad) vs. Team 14203 (Chalking Heads)
Team 13503 (Cappy's) vs. Team 15411 (Unstoppable 8)
Team 15408 (Top 8 Assassins) vs. Team 13603 (Halftime Hustlaz)
Team 13404 (8 Ball Bullies) vs. Team 14101 (Chuck's Alibi)
Team 15504 (Old Heads) vs. Team 14405 (Smooth Strokers)
Team 14107 (Brandi's Ball Breakers) vs. Team 14404 (Make Pool Great Again)
Team 15207 (Bluegrass Cutters) vs. BYE