Masters Format

Play will follow U.S. Amateur Championship rules and format. All other rules, policies and procedures included in the Official Team Manual apply to Masters Format, except as noted below:
A.)  There will be no skill level limit.
B.)  A maximum of four players will be permitted on a roster; three of the four team members will participate in each team match.
C.)  Each individual match will be a race-to-7 and will include eight games of 9-Ball and five games of 8-Ball. Players will earn one point for each game won. A team can earn a maximum of 21 points per night.
D.)  The winner of the lag will have choice of game (8-Ball or 9-Ball) or the break. Once the format has been chosen, the entire set of that format must be completed before moving to the next format.
E.)  Masters 9-Ball – The player has won the game when he has legally pocketed the 9-ball without scratching.
F.)  Push Out – On the shot immediately following a legal break during games of 9-Ball, the shooter may play a push-out (see Definitions). Any ball pocketed on a push-out does not count and is spotted.
G.)  Coaching is not allowed.
H.)  Jump Cues – The use of jump cues is allowed in Masters play. Be aware that even though Masters’ rules allow for the use of jump cues, Local League Bylaws or Host Location “house rules” may choose to limit
or strictly prohibit their use.
I.)  Masters 8-Ball - Per U.S. Amateur Championship rules, players are allowed to call their pocket instead of marking it.
J.) Byes – 15 points are awarded to a team receiving a bye.
K.) Forfeits – An individual player match is worth five points.
L.)  Playoff Matches are scored the same as in weekly play except a forfeited individual player match is worth seven points. In the case of a tie at the end of a team match, the tie would be broken by the number of individual matches won.