Available Patches

The following patches are available through the APA of Philadelphia.  Have you collected them all yet? 
I Won My First Match
When a new APA member wins their first match, be sure to write a note in the Memo Box of the paperwork, so they can receive this patch! 

Good Sportsmanship  
Did you notice a fellow APA member displaying good sportsmanship? Include a note to the League Operator in the paperwork, and be sure to nominate that person for a patch! 

Certified Scorekeeper
New to APA Philly!!!  This patch will be awarded to members that attend a training class on proper score keeping! 

I Beat the League Operator
Feeling lucky?  When you play Jeff in a league match, you have an opportunity to win this patch! 

I Beat the League Manager
When you play Frank in a league match, you have an opportunity to win this patch!  
Shoot for a Cure
Show your support!  Purchase this patch for $5, donation goes to American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer. Ask the League Operator for more details... 

500 Matches Played
There are several milestones in your APA career.  Reaching your 500th match is certainly one of them! 

1,000 Matches Played
If you thought 500 matches was a milestone, wait until you get this patch - not to mention the embroidered jacket that goes with it!