Patches for 9-Ball League

The following patches are available through the APA of Philadelphia.  Have you collected them all yet? 

9 On the Snap
When you sink the 9-ball on the break (during regular league play) - be sure to fill out the appropriate box on the paperwork, and receive this patch! 
9 Break and Run
Earn this patch when you break a 9-ball rack, and run out! (during regular league play) 
9 On the Snap
(High Level Tournament)
Make the 9 on the snap during a Tri-Cup or Local Team Championship (Cities) tournament to earn this patch! 
9 Break and Run
(High Level Tournament)
Break and run a rack during a Tri-Cup or Local Team Championship tournament, earn this patch! 
20-0 Shutout Match
When an player shoots "lights out" - make sure they get recognized for a 20 point shutout! 
I Beat an 8
Playing higher level players can be intimidating. If you are a SL5 or lower, beat a SL8 in league play, and be sure to request your very own patch!
5-0 Clean Sweep
When all players on your team win their match, your shooters will be sure to collect one of these!  
Mini Slam
Get a 9 on the snap & a 9 break and run in the same night, earn yourself a Mini Slam! 
Grand Slam
Members who play both 8-ball & 9-ball formats, get a Mini Slam in each format (within same session) and earn yourself a Grand Slam!