2017 LTC - Meeting Notes 
2. Every team must turn in a completed certification form that we are giving out to you today. They must be completely filled out completely and turned in at Registration or your team will not be registered to play.
3. Dress Code – no tank tops, no spaghetti strap tops, no cut offs, no pants with holes, no low cut tops
4. This is Single Modified elimination, you are not guaranteed to lose twice but you will play at least 2 matches.
5. High Level Tournament rules in effect – No male 2s in 8 ball, no male 1s in 9ball, 1 time out per player per game, no talking to the shooter during the match except for when a time out is called by either team and between games, mark your pocket when shooting the eightball, prevent slow play by only taking 25 seconds for a standard shot and 45 seconds for a difficult shot – if a team is consistently taking longer for shots please notify a ref. On a shot where the cue ball and object ball are within a chalk width apart the shooter must raise the back of the stick for a straight on hit or hit the ball at an angle. Call for a ref if there is a doubt on a clean hit. Be ready with your next shooter you will have 2 minutes to put up a player. No cell phones, head phones or blue tooth, do not have them on your person while in a match. Bathroom breaks allowed during match, please do it quickly and alone.
6. Referee – if you want a ref to watch a shot stop the shooter first then get the ref you also need to raise your stick to help the ref identify the table. A ref must be called to look at a shot to make a determination – even if the ref is watching the game he cannot make a determination of a shot unless he is called, if you do not stop the shooter and just ask the ref to watch a shot he cannot make a determination, please call a ref for all rule explanations do not argue with the other team.
7. 8-Ball sudden death is 3hrs 45 minutes, 9-ball is 3 hours.
8. Arguments, bad behavior, yelling and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. You will be given 1 warning then you will be removed from the tournament.
9. Please show good sportsmanship at all times.
10. Make sure everyone has an ID on them to prevent delays, please call a ref if you are asking for an ID and the other person does not have one or has to go get one. If you ask a team for ID be prepared to also be asked for ID.
11. We have 3 separate 8 ball brackets and 2 separate 9 ball brackets. I did my best to spread out teams from the same divisions and teams with more than 2 common players. Each bracket winner will be going to Vegas. Byes in the brackets were drawn from double and triple qualified teams. 8 ball has two 16 team brackets and one 32 team bracket, 9 ball has 2 16 team brackets.
12. Tournament times are – Friday 7:30pm, Saturday 9am, 2pm and 7pm and Sunday will be 10am, 3pm and 7:30pm. Hall of Fame Induction will be 7pm Saturday. Compusport will have the times and matches, it can be downloaded for free.
13. Trophies will be given to First and second place winners.
14. For the Vegas winners, I have booked 4 double bed rooms per team and each player on the team will be awarded $400 each for travel expenses. The league is not responsible for room assignments, Captains are responsible and each team member must have a room. I require that at least 5 members participate in the Vegas tournament, if this does not happen then the team will be responsible for returning the travel money. Any team that cannot have 5 players in Vegas will forfeit their spot and the team they beat will take their place.