Patches for 8-Ball League Play

The following patches are available through the APA of Philadelphia.  Have you collected them all yet? 
Rackless Night
When an APA member wins the lag, then every rack of their match - be sure to write a note in the Memo Box of the paperwork, so they can receive this patch! 
8 On Break
Sink the 8 on a break, without scratching (during league play) - and you've just earned yourself this patch! 
8 Break and Run
When an APA member, during regular league play, breaks and runs the entire 8-ball rack. 
Rackless Night (High Level Tournament)
At Tri-Cup, LTC, or National Tournament - Win the lag, then every rack of your match - receive this patch!  
8 On Break
(High Level Tournament)
Sink an 8 on the break during a high level tournament! (Tri-Cup, Local Team Championship, National Team Championship Tournament)
8 Break and Run
(High Level Tournament)
Break a rack, and run it out in a high level tournament to earn this patch!  (Tri-Cup, Local Team Championship, National Team Championship Tournament)
I Beat a 7
Let's be honest - it can be intimidating to play a higher level player, especially a SL7.   But - if you are a SL4 or lower, stick to your guns and beat an SL7, then bring home this patch!  
5-0 Clean Sweep
When all players on your team win their match, your shooters will be sure to collect one of these!  
Mini Slam
When an APA member sinks the 8 on break, and also gets a Break and Run in the same match - earn a Mini Slam patch! 
Grand Slam
Members who play both 8-ball & 9-ball formats, get a Mini Slam in each format (within same session) and earn yourself a Grand Slam!