New Tournament! Team Captains - Feb 10, 2018

Friday, October 27, 2017

- Minimum 3, Maximum 5 players per team.  Max 15 SL handicap for the 3 players fielded.
- Only one player of SL6 or higher may play in any given match.
- Must be an active APA Philly member, having been a team captain for at least 2 sessions of standard 
  8-ball/9-ball/Ladies team in the 2017-2018 League Year.
- Players must have at least 20 8-ball scores or 20 9-ball scores within the last 2 years by July 9, 2018.  A 
  combination of scores from the two formats is not allowed.  
- Team Representatives will flip a coin to determine who declares their lineup first.  Winner of the flip has the 
   choice of declaring first, or having the opposing team declare first. Players will be listed in ascending order 
   (lowest to highest), and that will determine the player rotation (locked for the match) Match play will alternate 
   between 8-ball and 9-ball formats.
- Players lag to see who wins the first break.  Once the first 2 players have completed their rack of 8-ball, the 
   second 2 players in the rotation will play a rack of 9-ball. (Winning team breaks) The next 2 players in 
   rotation will play a rack of 8-ball. Each rack is worth 1 point to the winning team. Player rotation (and 
   alternating game format) will continue until a team has reached the required points necessary to win the 
   match. A “Games Must Win” chart will be used, based on the total handicap of each team.