Battle of the Bridges! Philly vs. Camden County

Friday, July 28, 2017

Please be sure to fill out a registration form & submit payment online! 
On the left menu, follow the link for "Credit Card Payments"
In the "Note" field - include "Battle of Bridges"
- 4 players per team, max 19 SL handicap.

- Toledo Format (highest SL on your team plays highest SL on opposing team, play
   rotates until the lowest SL players on each team play one another)

- Each matchup will consist of 1 rack.  Player to sink 9-ball wins the rack. Winning
   team receives 1 point. Race to 7 points for the winning team.

- Top points team from Philadelphia will play the top points team from Camden
   County for prize.

- Must be an active member (of APA of Philadelphia / Camden County) to
   participate, you do not have to be an active 9-ball player.
Let's keep the trophy in Philadelphia again this year!